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Frequently Asked Questions

All tutors are qualified English teachers with years of experience teaching in the classroom. All tutors are also experienced with teaching online, and have refined their teaching techniques so that students can get the best possible 1:1 learning from online platforms.

All tutors have considerable experience in supporting students with special educational needs, such as: dyslexia; difficulties understanding and processing of information; any concentration and focusing difficulties; challenges with speech, language and communication. All Learning Journeys at Flourish in English are tailored to meet the ability and needs of the individual student, and your child’s tutor can adapt the Learning Journey as the sessions progress if any emerging needs are discovered.

That is fine! Our tutors are extremely experienced in teaching students with English as a second (or additional) language. All Learning Journeys are tailored to meet the needs of the student, so your child’s English language ability will be taken into account when planning the sessions. Part of the enrolment process is a baseline assessment, and this will determine the student’s language ability, and therefore inform the areas that will be focused on in the sessions.

You might decide to provide your child with private tutoring because they are not reaching their full potential at school. Maybe they just need some additional help to consolidate their knowledge or develop their confidence with English. Perhaps your child lacks enjoyment of English, so you would like them to work 1:1 with a tutor who has a love and passion for the subject. Maybe you would like someone to help you to pinpoint the areas that your child needs to develop with their English learning, and help them to make progress in this area. These are all reasons that might encourage you to choose a private tutor, and at Flourish in English you can be assured that whatever your reason, we will help your child to reach their full potential.

Firstly, we will get to know the student and their learning needs in a short space of time, as they will have our undivided attention in each 1:1 session. Not only this, but we will also create each lesson to specifically meet the needs of the student. Although the Learning Journey will be outlined before the sessions begin, this can be adapted as the sessions take place to ensure that the main outcomes of the journey are met. Also, feedback and marking will be done in real-time, so that suggestions for improvement can be implemented immediately. Furthermore, students can work and learn at their own pace, giving them confidence to share with the tutor the things that they find difficult.

The beauty of online tutoring is that there is no wasted time in getting to a tutoring school or going somewhere to meet a tutor. One of the main benefits is that the sessions can be held in your own home, making it both convenient and safe. At Flourish in English we recommend that the student is physically and mentally ready for the session by setting up a workspace in a place where it is easy for them to concentrate. It is much easier to create such an environment at home, rather than a busy tutoring school or coffee shop. Provided that the workspace is set up well, there should be minimal distractions allowing the student to focus on the work. We have found that some students are reluctant to ask questions in class, however with an online tutor they often find it easier to ask questions, and this builds their confidence so that ultimately they can transfer this skill to a classroom setting.

That very much depends on how busy the tutor is. We recommend that a regular slot for sessions is agreed upon, to give the student some consistency and routine. However, if there are circumstances that mean that the student is not able to attend the time agreed upon, your tutor will endeavour to organise a different time with you.

Part of our safeguarding measures are that you are able to drop in to any of the sessions we provide. We would love to see you engaged with the learning of the student, but do not recommend that you do this every session. It is important that the student feels some independence and autonomy around their learning. We find that students behave differently with their parents around, and we want them to develop the intellectual curiosity that will allow them to take risks with their learning — they may not feel as comfortable doing this if you are in their lessons. However, we have an ‘open door policy’ so that you can drop-in on lessons to see how we are getting on!

This is something that we have thought very carefully about. Firstly, we will be using digital platforms that are secure and well-regarded in online teaching. The student will be given a code for the online videos session so that they (and you) are the only people able to access the call. All of the work the student does will be stored in a secure place, and again you will both have access to this at any time. As stated in FAQ 8, you — as a parent — are able to drop-in on any of the live sessions to give you the security that all conversations between the student and tutor are transparent. All tutors have had safeguarding training, and all are police checked. If you have any further questions about safety, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will answer any questions that you have.

Absolutely! We would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you have. Ultimately, we are here to make the process of choosing and hiring a tutor as easy as possible, giving you the security of working with trustworthy professionals who are well equipped to tutor your child. Please fill out an enquiry form on our contact us page, or email us directly at enquiries@flourishinenglish.com

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