enrolment flourish in english

1. Make an enquiry

Get in touch with us, outlining the name, age and year group of the student who would benefit from extra English tutoring. Tell us a little bit about what the student would like to focus on: reading, writing, speaking & listening, or a combination of all three. Leave your contact details and we’ll get back to you.

2. Free online consultation

We will arrange a suitable time to conduct a free online consultation—ideally with parents, the student and one of our tutors. We will discuss the student’s English learning needs and the outcomes that you would like to achieve.

3. Baseline assessments

Based on the focus established in the consultation, a baseline assessment exercise will be given to the student to do in their own time. This will be marked by your designated tutor, which will give them the opportunity to see the student’s work and decide on the areas that need development.

4. Creation of the Personalised Learning Journey

Your designated tutor will take all of the information gathered—from the consultation and baseline assessment—to create the student’s personalised Learning Journey. This will give you a timeline of lessons, areas of learning, and learning outcomes. To find out more about our Learning Journeys—and to see an example—click here

Once you have received your Learning Journey via email, discuss it as a family.

Are you happy with the time frame? Do the lessons cover what you had expected? Would you like to make any changes?

5. Second online consultation

Once you have discussed your personalised Learning Journey, we then offer you a second online consultation to talk about any changes that you would like to make.

The student should be at the heart of this conversation, as it is important that they take ownership over their own learning. Your tutor will then review your comments and make any adjustments so that the Learning Journey is fully tailored to the student.

6. Free taster lesson

Your first online tutoring session is also free. The student will spend the session getting to know their tutor and talking about what they expect from the online tutoring process. There will be some ice-breaker activities to relax the student, and make them feel more comfortable with the online tutoring experience. Both the student and the tutor will set their expectations and discuss the outcomes that will be achieved over the sessions. The student is then ready to start their learning journey with us.

English learning in line with the British National Curriculum