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Why choose Flourish in English?

At Flourish, we provide personalised one to one online learning. Our tutors are experienced, qualified teachers of both English Language and English Literature, and have a true passion for their subjects. All tutors have excellent previous IGCSE exam success in both subjects.

We create quality educational resources that are personalised to meet the needs of the student. We develop clear learning goals that will challenge the student, but allow them to achieve success.

With Flourish you can be assured that the tutoring enhances what goes on in the classroom across all senior key stages. Not only this, but you are able to choose a tutor that you trust, and has an understanding of the academic environment that your child is in.

Ultimately, we aim to enhance each student’s understanding and application of English, through reading and comprehension, accurate writing with academic rigour, and through their speaking and listening skills. We will give students the confidence to flourish — both in the classroom, and as they step out into the wider world.

Flourish in English

Why choose an online tutor?

online tutor

In this digital age, technology can enhance education and give each student the personalised tutoring that will enable them to flourish in both written and spoken English. Through safe and effective technology platforms, each child will get one to one bespoke tutoring, plus real-time verbal and written feedback on work produced.

By choosing a Flourish tutor, you can pick a time for study that suits you, and the tutoring session can be done anywhere. This gives you more flexibility to fit the additional learning around your schedules.

What is a Learning Journey?

We talk a lot about Learning Journeys at Flourish, but what does this actually mean?

Well, when a student enrols with us, they will receive a personalised Learning Journey that will inform their one to one tutoring. This programme of study is an outline of the key skills and areas that will be covered over a period of study with us. This will be based on all of the information that we gather during the enrolment process. Usually, we recommend that each Journey should last for a term (approximately 12 weeks), and then together we review the progress made and look at the areas to focus on in the next Learning Journey.

The Learning Journey will outline what the student will work on, and what the outcomes will be. Each session is planned in advance, and the main focus of each is explained in the Learning Journey. This can be amended and developed as the journey progresses, so that it is fully suited to the student — we want all learning to be challenging and rewarding. To see an example of a Learning Journey, click here.

To see how we support all senior Key Stages, and the skills that we cover, head over to our curriculum page.

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