flourish in english
Developing reading skills and understanding of texts
  • Reading comprehension
  • Understanding of explicit and implicit meaning
  • Understanding of vocabulary
  • Identification and analysis of linguistic and structural devices
  • Analysis of the writer’s methods and intentions
  • Understanding the importance of context and its impact
  • Using an academic register
Developing writing skills and technical accuracy
  • DevelopIng creative ideas
  • Using literary devices to enhance writing
  • Writing with voice, audience, style and purpose in mind
  • Using texts to inform and stimulate writing
  • Using paragraphing effectively
  • Using punctuation and sentence structure to create impact
  • Technical accuracy in written language
Speaking & Listening
Developing confidence in spoken English
  • Speaking in different contexts
  • Adapting speech for audience and purpose
  • Developing listening skills
  • Asking interesting and engaging questions
  • Answering questions in depth
  • Accuracy in spoken language
  • Public speaking and debate skills

Our one to one tutoring is flexible, and we will develop a programme of study that is designed to meet the needs of the student. Each student will have a different Learning Journey, depending on their ability and the areas that you have chosen to focus on.

When designing the Learning Journey we can focus specifically on one area of study, or include a range of sessions that work on all three elements of English learning — reading, writing and speaking & listening. The Learning Journey can also be amended over the term to better suit the emerging needs of the student.

Tutoring to give students the confidence to flourish