flourish in english

To flourish is to successfully grow and develop as the result of a favourable environment.

At Flourish we provide a learning environment that is safe, challenging and gives students the opportunity to blossom. The learning is personalised to meet the needs of the student, so that they are able to make meaningful progress that will enhance not only the results they receive at school, but will also enable them to flourish in the wider world.

Our Strengths

  • We create a safe learning environment where students are valued
  • Tutors approach teaching with care and compassion
  • All tutors are safeguarding trained
  • We create solid, meaningful working relationships with students
  • All tutors are qualified teachers with years of classroom experience
  • We have experience working in international schools and our sessions compliment the learning received at school
  • Tutors are experienced users of online platforms for high quality teaching and learning
  • We have in-depth knowledge of IGCSE specifications, and how to create a foundation for these qualifications in KS3
  • We give regular and consistent feedback that is applied to the learning so the students make improvements
Lucy Harries
Founder & Educator

Flourish in English founder — and key tutor — Lucy has worked in schools for nine years, the last four of which have been at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok. After her BA degree from Cardiff University, she trained as both an English and Drama teacher. Lucy has previously held the role of Head of Department, and most recently has had the position of Year Team Leader. She is an outstanding classroom practitioner who puts the students’ learning and development at the centre of her teaching.

Lucy is passionate about education, and believes that every student deserves to reach their full potential. She founded this company to ensure that the students she works with get the best possible tutoring experience from a source that is well qualified, dynamic, and puts the progress of students first.

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